BreathyWings™ Ice Silk Bra (M-6XL)

BreathyWings™ Ice Silk Bra (M-6XL)

BreathyWings™ Ice Silk Bra (M-6XL)

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BreathyWings™ Plus Size Ice Silk Bra keeps you supported, sweat-free, and comfortable throughout the day!

Features removable 5D memory foam, extra-wide straps and side wings to give you a natural lift, the breathable U-shape back panel will hold your breasts in place while smoothing bulges for a sleeker silhouette!

Designed to move with you, this bra lifts and accentuates your girls against sagging with cushioning comfort, breathability, and softness that prevents chafing and skin irritation.


  • Comfortable
    It lifts and supports using removable 5D memory foam, cushioned straps, wide side wings and U-shape back panel for ultimate wearing comfort.

Lifts, accentuates, and contours your girls against sagging.
  • Seamless
    Seam-free construction smoothes side and back bulges to create a sleeker silhouette underneath clothing.

  • Cooling Ice Silk
    Light-weight Latex foam with ice silk fabric wicks away moisture incredibly fast to keep you sweat-free and comfortable throughout the day.

Stretchy, Breathable, Anti-Microbial


    Color: Black, Skin, Grey, Blue, Rose, Mint, Yellow.
      Size: M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL.
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