Eyebrow Trimmer PRO

Eyebrow Trimmer PRO

Eyebrow Trimmer PRO

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Perfect Eyebrows in seconds... 

  • No more tweezing or wax.
  • Portable and will fit in any purse
  • More comfort, speed and precision.
Instead of dealing with the pain of tweezers, plucking, or waxing, romance your eyebrows with  Eyebrows Epilator PRO.
You only need one AAA battery for its operation (It is not included).

Small in size, the  Eyebrows Epilator PRO is easily portable and can be put inside your purse for use anytime

Having a nice pair of brows does not only make your eyes look more stunning but benefit to your overall look as well. But we can’t set aside the fact that keeping your eyebrow in good shape requires time, effort, and patience. But with Electric Eyebrow Trimmer this can be done easily.

This pen-like eyebrow trimmer features a high-definition, built-in LED light with 18K gold-plated head to ensure it won’t cause allergy on the skin.

Given its comfortable and functional design, EasyTrim™ Electric Eyebrow Trimmer allows you to easily groom your brows whenever you feel like it.

Compared to the traditional way of removing extra brow hair — plucking, which can cause redness on the skin — this electric eyebrow trimmer can instantly and painlessly sweep away unwanted hair, giving you the brow shape you desire.

  • Has a precise tip that helps in removing unwanted hair
  • Targets the smallest areas for maintaining perfect eyebrows
  • Saves time on going to the salon every now and then
  • Painless and comfortable to use
  • Stylish and easy to carry
  • Removable head for easy cleaning
  • Safe and effective to use

In addition to trimming the eyebrows, this also works on removing hair around your mouth, cheeks, and chin.


Step 1: Clean your skin and make your hair soften.
Step 2: Remove the cap of the eyebrow trimmer.
Step 3: Press the button to the ON position.
Step 4: Slowly move the pen in small and circular positions until the unwanted hair is removed.
Step 5: Use a moisturizing cream once done to soothe the skin.

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