NailBeauty Glue-On French Nails Kit

NailBeauty Glue-On French Nails Kit

NailBeauty Glue-On French Nails Kit

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DIY your professional-looking French Manicure Nails at homeIntroducing the NailBeauty Glue-On French Nails Kit!

Create beautiful & professional French manicure nails in just a Second! Simply stick nail tips with glue, then press it to your real nails or gel nails to create flawless French Manicure Nails in a second!

Simply stick on nail tips with glue. Thick and Sturdy enough to last up to 3 weeks!


  • Instant Nail Extension
    No more waiting for weeks/months for nails to grow out! Extend your natural nail for elegant & glamorous style immediately.
  • Easy to Apply
    Simply file, stick with glue & cut the handle. Simple 3 steps to create flawless French nails in seconds!

  • Long-Lasting
    Made of high-quality acrylic, thick and sturdy enough to last up to 3 weeks.
  • Create Any Style You Want
    Works great with DIY jewel, glitter or stickers, or as add-on applied on false nails, acrylic nails and even more!
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