Nylon Storage Velcro Strap

Nylon Storage Velcro Strap

Nylon Storage Velcro Strap

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Product Description 

★ high quality and durable products: high density woven storage belt is made of 900 Dan nylon material. The strong and durable snap ring can bear 50 pounds / 22 kg.


★ multifunctional and reusable: easy to hang indoor or outdoor extension lines, large power lines and wires, network wires and generator wires, power lines and wired tools, washing machine hoses, garden and swimming pool hoses, air, and vacuum hoses, and other large hoses.


★ multiple uses: it can be easily bound in garage, workshop, warehouse, ship, remote control, or truck, and also can be connected with power cord, garden hose, sling, etc.


★ 100% satisfaction guarantee, we hope this durable storage belt can bring more convenience and use to your life.

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