Reusable Lift Up Invisible Bra Tape

Reusable Lift Up Invisible Bra Tape

Reusable Lift Up Invisible Bra Tape

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The Invisible Bra That Gives Full Support!

Gives your breasts the perfect lift, shape, and support, just like any other regular bra! Need to wear a swimsuit or party wear but don’t have a suitable bra? Then this Reusable Lift Up Invisible Lifting Bra adheres comfortably on your breasts to give them instant lift and firms their shapes. It’s perfect for the cleavage, halter necks, and low back dresses.


This pair of adhesive bra will reduce pulling and slipping on the straps with a regular bra and also provides a simple solution to back bulge. These adhesive tapes with professional fitting offer ultimate support to lift up your breasts and to create natural cleavage.


  • INVISIBLE UNDER CLOTHING - The light color is invisible under every clothing type and can be worn underneath various tops that hid well. The well-hidden feature allows you to wear various outfits even V-neck collar tops.
  • DANCE-PROOF AND WATERPROOF - Safe to wear during swimming or even when you sweat.
  • STICK-ON WELL AND EASY TO REMOVE - They stick to your boobs well without falling off yet it is easy to remove them. There is a non-sticky nipple protection zone.
  • CUT-TO-FIT - You can cut it to fit your low cut tops or dresses without losing its stickiness.
  • LATEX-FREE AND ALLERGY-FRIENDLY - Made of medical-grade material, skin-friendly, breathable.
  • LIFT AND SUPPORT - Lift up your boobs and create natural cleavage, no matter the boob size.


  • Clean your hand and chest to remove any grease.
  • Remove the protective film (keep it for future use) on the adhesive side.
  • Stick the tape bra on your breast and lift it to the desired height. There is a non-sticky nipple protection zone.


  • After use, rinse the bra with warm water and mild soap. Gently clean the wet bra with your fingers drawing circles on the adhesive side to remove dust and grease. Air-dry it in shade. Cover the sticky side with the protective film for the next use.
  • Do not use lotion or cream type cleaner. Avoid direct sunlight. Protect the adhesive side from a hard object such as fingernails.

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