Starbright Solar LED String Light

Starbright Solar LED String Light

Starbright Solar LED String Light

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The Real Problem With ‘Hardware-Store’ String Lights

String lights are a beautiful and versatile way to liven up your home, but they can be time-consuming and demanding to set up.

The ones usually available at hardware stores require long extension cords and dedicated outlets to set up. Some may even need additional equipment like voltage regulators to safely run for hours.

Plus, extension cords are both unsightly and a tripping hazard. And since they need to be plugged in, they suck up electricity— wasting energy and raising your power bills.

Why Most String Lights Won’t Beautify Your Home

The warm and inviting glow of string lights makes them a great choice for increasing the curb appeal of your yard or garden.

But not all wired lights are designed to withstand outdoor use. With slight exposure to rain, snow, or the sun’s UV rays, most string lights get damaged by condensation and rusting. No wonder most homeowners just settle for a dim, boring yard.

Inside the home, regular string lights also compete for outlet slots. If you don’t have one solely for their plug, you could end up wasting time planning or switching the connections.

Decorating with these lights always seems like more trouble than it’s worth… until now.

Breakthrough "Solar-Magic” String Lights Transform The Home In Minutes

Fast & Easy Setup
150 Warm-White LEDs
8 Lighting Modes
100% Solar-Powered
No Batteries/Outlets Required
Lasts Up To 8 Hours

Finally, an affordable, hassle-free setup for anyone looking to upgrade their home with beautiful, timeless lighting.

Starbright Solar String Lights is the fast and easy lighting upgrade that thousands of Americans love decorating their spaces with. No need to spend hundreds on lights and wires— simply stick Starbright’s solar panel in a sunny spot, hang the lights wherever you please, and prepare to be amazed.

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Starbright has surprised 100,000+ users by its uncompromising quality and ease of installation. Americans everywhere are now restyling their homes, offices, and gardens into inspired, uplifting spaces in just a few simple steps with these twinkling “fairy” lights.

Since its release, Starbright has been tough to keep in stock. The word has spread like wildfire and most customers are buying in bundles.

I strongly recommend you order now before inventory completely sells out...again.

How Does Starbright Work?

Starbright is the innovative “DIY” lighting solution that adds style and elegance to your home without breaking the bank. Never worry about plugging in or adding a single dime to your home’s power bills: Starbright’s 150 LEDs are completely solar-powered.

Installation takes only a few minutes — no batteries required! Simply place the solar panel in a sunny spot, and it recharges itself all day long. When the sun goes down, your home will come alive with magical lighting!

Unlike traditional string lights that give off a cold, flat-white glimmer, Starbright produces a soft, warm glow with the perfect vibrance — enough to add functional illumination without creating a headache-inducing fluorescent effect.

Choose from 8 different lighting modes to create the ideal ambience for a relaxing evening or a fun celebration with family and friends. Made with a high-durability, coated copper string, these lights can easily hang or wrap over anything — bushes, walls, windows, trees, railings, and more!

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