Toothless Automatic Buckle Belt

Toothless Automatic Buckle Belt

Toothless Automatic Buckle Belt

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Toothless Automatic Buckle Belt is a new trend of modern belts.
Design with no-hole and a micro-adjustment automatic buckle system,
that enables higher and easier regulation for an extremely comfortable fit.

It is very easy and convenient for everyone to use.
Moreover, the removable buckle allows you to clip nylon
ratchet belts 
to your custom exact fit size.


Just slide the webbing nylon through the automatic buckle and
adjust to 
the perfect fit then lock. If you want to release the belt,
just push the 
trigger and pull the webbing out.

Toothless Automatic Buckle Belt is thicker than the normal webbing belt as manufactured with only high-quality materials, soft and strong.
Stainless steel ratchet buckle has anti-rust are anti-corrosion,
anti-scratch functions.

Compare with the leather belt, the nylon belt will not age/break after a
a long time of use and we've designed a hide-able belt tail style,
so you don't have to worry about controlling excess waistbands anymore.

Toothless Automatic Buckle Belt is suitable for most pants,
and It’s used for multiple outdoor activities such as golf, camping,
cycling, fishing, climbing, traveling, field training, etc.
It's also suitable for business wear.
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