Ultra-Fine Neo Toothbrush

Ultra-Fine Neo Toothbrush

Ultra-Fine Neo Toothbrush

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Nano Toothbrush


Brighten your smile with healthy white teeth! With 11,730 ultra-fine bristles (per brush) you are able to deeply clean every corner of your mouth with ease. Believe it or not, but hard bristles have the tendency to damage your enamel, making your teeth more prone to bad cavities. This is the exact reason that we've created the Toothbrush... it's time to put a stop to the "dentist funnel".

(The Dentist Funnel: Your dentist recommends products that damage your enamel. This keeps YOU in the loop of coming back every few months to solve, yet another, NEW problem...)

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The Neo Toothbrush is unlike any ordinary Toothbrush. The Neo Toothbrush can cover more surface area of your teeth due to each individual micro-fiber bristle. Now you can be confident in knowing that you've taken care of every crevice in your mouth along with any remaining food residue, bacteria, plaque, and stains!

Our Ultra-Fine bristles are scientifically designed to deeply clean the gum line and interproximal areas between your teeth without irritating or abrasing the gums.

Toothbrush Features:

- No Need For Aggressive Brushing! The Neo toothbrush was designed to reduce pressure while brushing in order to avoid enamel erosion.

- Healthy White Teeth. Over 10,000 ultra-fine bristles for effective deep cleaning of teeth.

- Healthy Gums? CHECK! Our micro bristles are super effective for your gum and enamel health.

- Ultra Soft & Fine Bristles allow for deeper penetration.

- Safe Material. Our bristles are crafted from ultra-soft, anti-bacterial nylon, and our handle is 100% BPA free.

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