Wood Cutting Saw Blade Discs

Wood Cutting Saw Blade Discs

Wood Cutting Saw Blade Discs

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  • New and high quality.

  • HSS high-speed steel circular saw blades

  • High-speed steel blade set accurate, fast, precision cutting.

  • Cutting speed, long life, accurate cutting.

  • For cutting: wood, PVC pipe, soft metal, plastic, aluminum, glass steel, copper, thin sheet metal, and so on.

  • When installed, a saw blade installed in the electric mill to be inserted in the end.

  • Because the electric grinding speed is high, the saw blade is big, the clip will be less likely to cause the pole to throw the bend even to break off.

  • In the case to meet the requirements to make use of a small diameter of the blade and low speed, speed should not exceed 20,000 ppm.

  • Select the saw blade, the smaller electric mill, to choose the smaller blade.

  • Saw smaller and more stable, too large saw blade prone to vibration, suitable for low-speed use.

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